NEW: ICOSEH Zagreb 2020, 1st circular

It is our pleasure to announce that the 15th International Congress of Ottoman Social and Economic History (ICOSEH) will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 13-17 July, 2020. Please download and read the 1st circular below:

ICOSEH Zagreb 2020 CfP 1st circular

Halcyon Days in Crete X Symposium: Çiftliks in the Balkans and Western Anatolia

The Programme of Ottoman Studies of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies / Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, in association with Boğaziçi University, Department of History, & Ege University, Department of Economics, organizes in Rethymno, Crete, Greece, on 12-14 January 2018, its 10th International Halcyon Days in Crete Symposium, investigating “Çiftliks in the Balkans and western Anatolia”. Click here to read the Symposium Programme.